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May 10th, 2018
Update for the release of Trials of the Fallen...

News have arrived from Dollar Coffee Games in regards to a time frame for the launch of the TotF, expect to see it on the Apple Store for FREE this summer/fall.

"We are just putting the finishing touches on the game and expect to push it out the door in the next few months. Yes, it will be a free app, but keep in mind that it is currently only available for iPhones compatible with ARKit (iPhone SE and up)" - Anthony Armstrong

May 21st, 2018
Project Vanish update

With development of Project Vanish coming along nicely, the team has announced they plan on having the alpha up and running by this Tuesday. The dev team is just finishing up the last of the features to fine tune them before submitting the alpha to the producer and testers.

June 27th, 2018
Project Vanish Showcase today!

IT'S OFFICIAL! New Horizons has launched Project Vanish in closed Beta. Copies are available on approval, contact Green Army Games or New Horizons Game Studio today.

Nov 28th, 2017
Green Army games Demo Reel in the works...

Keep an eye on the website in the coming moth to see a demo reel of what we have been working on in the studio...
All set for a December release for the Green Army Demo Reel.

Mar 28th, 2018
Trials of the Fallen Showcase

Today is reveal day for the mobile AR game Trials of the Fallen @ Toronto Film School - Steeles Campus (2000 Steeles Ave West, Concord ON). The developers will be Demoing game play, revealing the core features and three pillars, and describing the development timeline. Following the main presentation the devs will be hosting a Q&A panel open for anyone to pose questions in regards to the team, dev cycle, and the game itself.

The showcase will be live streamed on facebook @

Apr 1st, 2018
New Colab project in the works!

Anthony joins the New Horizons team to bring you their first title, and the second for Green Army Games, Project Vanish.
This game brings you a new type of super hero game, utilizing comic book style comedy, stealth gameplay, and a whole lot of fun.

Follow the news about the team and Project Vanish updates @

June 1st, 2017
Green Army Games has arrived!

The studio is now officially open!
Stay tuned for some amazing stuff to come. We've got ideas out the wazoo!

June 10, 2017
The first Beta from GAG coming soon...

Our first full mobile game is on its way!
Got Z Munchies? A tasty treat is on its way... if you're a zombie that is.

June 17, 2017
Collaboration Between Dollar Coffee and GAG Brings Greatness

Dollar Coffee Games teams up with founder of Green Army Games, in a project that promises to deliver Godliness to the common person.

 Dollar Coffee Games reveals their first epic IP, in collaboration with Green Army Games founder Anthony Armstrong. “Trials of the Fallen” pits gamers against the traditional heroes that gamers love to hate as the Goddess of the underworld while adding unique 4th wall breaking humor.

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