Anthony Armstrong
Programmer, Designer, & Audio Editor

Anthony Armstrong is an indie game developer, with focus in UX/UI design and implementation, designing ambience and SFXs, and overall game development, working in both Unity3D and Unreal Engine.

In 2018, Anthony graduated from Toronto Film School with honors, having completed two capstone games, with one, Project Vanish, winning awards at the 2018 Festival of Films.

Now, Anthony develops and produces solo projects and collaborations with other small studios, like indie studio Idea Muscle, working primarily as a consultant and UX/UI Designer, under his own studio Green Army Games.

Green Army Games

Indie game studio and publisher, Green Army Games, brings the creative workings of Anthony Armstrong to life. Through Green Army Games, Anthony collaborates with various indie developers, artists, and designers to deliver a unique and immersive experience for gamers.

Stay tuned for new Green Army Games projects like the mobile infinite runner, Got Z Munchies, the Celtic folklore based RPG, Soul's Eternity, and the explosive Extreme Golf.

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