Anthony Armstrong

I am a video game design and development graduate of Toronto Film School and curently employed as a UI Integrator at Ubisoft Toronto. I am open to UI/UX and Project/Production Manager roles in the game industry.

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Dev & Design

C# (3 Yrs)
C++ (1 Yr)
Figma (2 Yrs)
UX Design (4 Yrs)
Game Design (3 Yrs)


Unity (3 Yrs)
UE4 (1 Yr)
Visual Studios (4 Yrs)
Komodo (4 Yrs)
Construct (1 Yr)


GIMP (7 Yrs)
3DS Max (2 Yr)
Adobe Suite (3 Yrs)


JIRA (2 yrs)
Gantt (7 yrs)
Trello (2 yrs)
Slack (2 yrs)
Lucid Charts

Audio & Video

Lightworks (7 yrs)
Audacity (15 Yrs)
ProTools (2 Yrs)


Google Apps
MS Office (15 Yrs)

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Ubisoft Toronto (2023 - Present)
UI Integrator (UI Tech Artist, UI Tech Designer)

  • Implementation of art assets, audio, and gameplay functionality in menus, HUD systems, in world, etc.
  • Creating adaptive, scalable menu, and HUD systems
  • Collaborate with Leads, Directors, UX/UI Designers, Coders, and Artists to solve complex issues and in-game conflicts
  • Self learn and utilize a combination of C++, visual scripting, and proprietary engine tools
  • Creating reusable, dynamic, and modular UI solutions and features, based on UX wireframes
  • Collaboration and communication across a large international, interdisciplinary team

Green Army Games (2018 - 2023)
Developer, Designer, Producer

  • All levels of design and development (programming, level design, localization, audio, UX, etc.)
  • Personal Projects: Got-Z-Munchies (mobile - Beta), Soul's Eternity (PC - Prototype), War Pigs (PC - Concept), Canadian Forces Range VR Simulator (Prototype)
  • Business consulting for indie start-ups
  • Use of C# with Unity to develop all parts of Android and PC based games
  • Use of C++ and Blueprints with Unreal Engine 4 to develop all parts of PC games
  • Implement APIs into games (i.e. Google Play Games, Unity IAP, Photon, and Google Ads)

New Horizons (2018)
UI Technical Design & Sound Design

  • Planned, sourced, edited, and assembled all sound effects, ambient tracks, and music
  • Programming, technical design, and development of UX/UI (title screen, menu system, HUD,interactables) using C#
  • Worked closely with artists and animators for both UX/UI and audio
  • Audio implementation and programming for the UI system
  • Won awards at the TFS Festival of Films 2018 for Best Capstone, Best Video Game, Best Male Performance

Dollar Coffee Games (2016-2018)
UX Design Lead & Sound Designer

  • Planned, designed, and developed the UX flow and UI systems in Unity with C#
  • Developed a 3D Title screen and Start menu using camera animations, particle effects, and shaders with assistance from our technical artist, modeling some assets myself
  • Animated and programmed simple loading screens
  • Programmed the Scene Manager, allowing for preloading of game scenes and management of player/level data
  • Designed and developed a 3D credits scene using camera tracks, creating a level fly-thru, showcasing the game assets with close-up shots and animations
  • Planned, sourced, edited, and assembled all sound effects, ambient tracks, and music during final 2-week crunch
  • Trials of the Fallen marked the First fully AR, iOS based student capstone game project in Canada

Canadian Armed Forces (2007- 2014)
Project Manager - Infantry & Transport

  • Supervised and monitored the activities of small (2 to 5) and medium (10+), multi-disciplinary teams
  • Provided ongoing feedback and mentorship to new hires, taking direction from senior team members
  • Designed, developed, and produced reports, using a combination of MS PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, to inform decision-making activities
  • Supported exercise development and training scenarios as a subject matter expert, adding much-valued infantry realism, to improve real-world applicability of these exercises
  • Developed minute work-breakdown structures and assigning/delegating tasks based on critical path priority assessments
  • Communicate directly with stakeholders to ensure that expectations were being met and to receive and implement any change requests.
  • Managed communications from senior management, distributing specific changes in policy, priority, standards, structure, etc., to the team in the most-appropriate format for the subject

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Yorkville University (2018 - 2023)
Bachelor of Business Administration

  •  Project Management

Toronto Film School (2016 - 2018)
Advanced Diploma/associate's degree

  • Video Game Design & Development

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