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Project Vanish

A PC based Sci-fi superhero stealth game set in a moon base in the future.
Winner of the Toronto Film School's Festival of Films "Best Graduating Game - 2018" Award at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Enter Dr.Sylar's facility as Aura, a bio-experiment turned superhero, and do your best to use your new found abilities to escape with your life.


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Or here on Android.

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A mobile based infinite runner with a are the last...uh unliving?... zombie on earth, running from hoards of humans in this addicting role-versal runner. Collect brains to unlock new zombies and power-ups, grab weapons to fight the humans and munch on their brains too! Get in there and cure those munchies!

Wait, who left all these brains just laying around?!?! Seems a bit unhygienic, but I guess you are undead after all.

Trials of the Fallen

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Trials of the Fallen

An AR turn-based strategy game for the IPhone.
You are the goddess of death. You must test the soul's of three fallen warriors to judge their worth to enter the Elysian Fields.
Currently in Development.


More info to come

Soul's Eternity

An original 2D turn-based RPG surrounded in Celtic lore, plot twists, and a new take on game progression. Ages 13+.

Currently in Development.

War Pigs (art to come)

A turn-based fantasy strategy, giving players a unique look at squad based combat, while experiencing an epic adventure of liberation. Bringing true military tactics to a world overrun by tyranny. Build your forces, take control of the battle field, and lead the people to freedom.

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