Anthony Armstrong
Game Developer, UX/UI Technical Designer, & Game Audio Dev

Anthony Armstrong is an indie game developer, with focus in UI technical design and development, Audio design/editing, UX, and Game Design, in both Unity3D with C# and Unreal Engine 4 with C++ and Blueprints.

In 2018, Anthony graduated from Toronto Film School with honours, having completed two capstone games, one winning the two awards at the TFS Festival of Films. After graduating, Anthony begain working on contract projects and colaborations with other small studios, like indie studio Idea Muscle, working primarily as a consultant and UI Designer/Developer, while also working on solo projects under his own studio Green Army Games and completing a Bachelor of Business Admin in Project Management.

Anthony, a Canadian Army veteran and jack-of-all-trades, fell in love with gaming at a fairly young age, diving deep into the lore and immersion of games, like Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed, Silent Hill, concepting his first ideas for games while in elementary school. Anthony has a die-hard passion for what makes games great and a deep understanding of gameplay mechanics, game audio, and UX/UI design flow, giving him a unique love for the finer details in games and development. Video games have always held a special place in his heart, often turning to them for refuge from a rough youth, and it's this passion that drives him to try to create entrancing worlds for players to escape to, with a twist of dark humor, occult folklore, and military tactics.

Only the future can tell what what's instore...

Green Army Games

Indie game studio, Green Army Games, brings the creative workings of Anthony Armstrong to life. Through Green Army Games, Anthony collaborates with various indie developers, artists, and designers to deliver a unique and immersive experience for gamers.

Stay tuned for new Green Army Games projects like the mobile infinite runner, Got Z Munchies, the Celtic folklore based RPG, Soul's Eternity, and the explosive Extreme Golf.

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